The Quad Boys

Originally formed in late 2016, The Quad Boys is a young and innovative rap music group representing Southern California. With Khaneal (artist) proudly representing Fresno, Tone Provo (artist and producer) and C-Red (rapper) from Long Beach, and D1 (rapper) from Inglewood, CA, these four artists combine all of their unique talents to generate a sound that they would simply like to call "good music." From struggles of dorm life, to relationship dilemmas and earning respect of new fans, The Quad Boys affirmatively believe in making music that stems from personal experiences, with a mission of drawing a unique audience that will relate to them on a personal level. One of their main music affiliates is Track Killers' very own hip-hop artist and producer Prestige, in which they met through attending the University of La Verne. Prestige and The Quad Boys have been music affiliates and good friends since 2014, when they first started making music. One thing that The Quad Boys hope for you to grasp from their music is that it is absolutely acceptable to be your own individual, just as long as you stay wavy.
8 tracks, 1 playlist