Investment Deck

For Investor Prospects

thank you for your interest

We truly appreciate your interest to be apart of this historical journey with us.

Now lets talk business and how Track Killers Ent, inc. will benefit you financially should you invest in our company.

we are seeking

$1M - $3M



And What You Get In Return

song Ownership

Investor shall obtain ownership in each record placed for creatives via music licensing platform.

  • Creative Share 70%  
  • Track Killers Share 20%  
  • Investor Share 10%

monthly sales reports

Track Killers Ent, inc. will provide Monthly Sales Reports via Emailed Excel Spreadsheets For Investor to Monitor company Growth.

Scaled roi PAYMENTS

Track Killers Ent, inc. will pay investor ROI from Frontend and Backend revenue based on the following sliding scale: 

  • 20% From $0-$20M,  
  • 15% From $20M-$30M,  
  • 10% From $30M-$40M
  • 5% From – $40M – $50M
  • 2.5% For 2 Years Following $50M

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